What's Under Lake Berryessa?

What’s Under Lake Berryessa?

Outskirts of the Town of Monticello 

Partly Come Out of the Water in 1991.

Capell Creek Bridge was visible again.

Discussion of Lake Berryessa water levels often raises the question of what is down at the bottom. The Town of Monticello and thousands of acres of prime farmland were destroyed by the lake.

The buildings were all demolished or burned down. Nothing taller than the building foundations were left. Some houses were moved up to the Spanish Flat Village area. The bodies in the cemetery were dug up and moved to the Monticello Cemetery next to the Senior Center on Spanish Flat Loop Road. Some of the foundations came out of the water during the drought in 1991. See the news video here:


With the rain coming down and new speculation about future rainfall, there have been several posts about the Capell Creek Bridge rising out of the lake during the 1990-1992 drought. The Capell Creek Bridge is located adjacent to the Capell Creek Launch Ramp. Here are some photos from that time.

Lake level was 361.7 feet, 78.3 feet below Glory Hole.

Capell Bridge empty


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