January, 2016: The Lake Berryessa News Print Edition Returns From Cyberspace and the Data Cloud!

I've started publishing a paper edition of The Lake Berryessa News again (See pages below). The January 2016 has been printed and distributed. It is available at various locations in Winters, the Markley Cove store, Steele Canyon Saloon & Pizza, on the Berryessa Highlands mailboxes, at the Spanish Flat Country Store and Deli, Turtle Rock, and the Pope Valley Store.

I've also created a new detailed map of the Greater Lake Berryessa Region available by clicking the map icon on the left.

I hope you enjoy it. I will be publishing monthly through March, then twice per month for the summer recreation season. I'll also be accepting paid advertising. See rate structure description below and contact me at pkilkus@gmail.com to start advertising.

LBNews pgs 8&1
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Lake Level Update: 2/7/16

The elevation of the spillway (Glory Hole) at Monticello Dam is 440 feet msl. The water is now 38.91 feet below the top of the spillway at 401.09 feet - rising only a ½ inch since last week. A couple of misty days brought only .03 inches of rain at Monticello Dam. This season’s total rainfall stands at 13.28 inches.

Lake Level Fifty Year History

Full lake level history 2015




On-The-Road-rocks cartoon


Jumping Rock Jumper Sep2010


Here are two pleasant videos to share with our friends who want to know where they should go when they visit the Napa Valley!


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