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 (Final Lake Berryessa Ragatz Report)


Ragatz Summary and Recommendations


Water and Land Use Recreation Opportunities Spectrum (WALROS) Policy 


As Lake Berryessa Flows:

A Combination of Science, Engineering, and Natural Beauty

by Peter Kilkus

The Science and Engineering Elements of a Major Natural Resource


As Lake Berryess Turns:

Temperature and Fishing in a Warm, Monomictic Lake


Seeing Underwater at Lake Berryessa Chapter


The History of the Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument:

The Ultimate Political Perversion of the Antiquities Act

By Peter Kilkus (6/20/17)

The Twisted Ten-Year Political Path From a Modest Nature Area Partnership to a Local Blue Ridge Berryessa National Conservation Area to a Large Disjointed Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area to an Incoherent Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

Is it the “Dumbest National Monument in the United States”? An objective review of the process by which it was created and the final formal designation suggests the answer is YES. I personally support the creation of legitimate national monuments, but this is not that. Being part of the ten year political process that led to its creation convinced me that in many situations the Antiquities Act is being abused. The Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is a perfect case study of this abuse. Read the full report here.

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Lake Berryessa Technical Manual


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