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2022 is here and we hope for a recovery from the tragedies of 2020-21. Significant progress has been made towards having Napa County take over management of the lake recreation areas. Napa has signed a Managing Partner Agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation and took over management of Steele Canyon, Spanish Flat, and Monticello Shores Recreation Area on November 1, 2020. The Chamber has had a major influence in making this happen. And the Board of Supervisors has chosen Sun Communities to redevelop these three resorts.

Sun Communities

You've all heard of Sun Communties, the $5.6 Billion dollar, publicly-traded corporation that operates hundreds of resorts, marinas, and mobile home parks in North America with a portfolio of 522 manufactured home communities, recreational vehicle resorts and marinas located in 39 states and Canada and actually has a local 55-plus community on Orchard Avenue in Napa? You haven't? Well most people have never heard of them either.

They obviously look at Lake Berryessa as a major opportunity to expand into the important recreation area of Lake Berryessa with an emphasis on their proximity to a world famous tourist destination - the Napa Valley.

The Napa supervisors have seen the Sun Communities bid and plans. They and County staff have been uniformly supportive for the last three years and deserve the thanks of our community.

One goal is to bring marinas back to the resorts. County Supervisor Diane Dillon said Sun Communities can do much more. “I think they will bring visitor-serving amenities and that could be eating establishments, sleeping establishments, the ability for people to come and visit the lake for more than just a day and enjoy it and recreate and relax and bolster the local economy up there,” Dillon said.

The redeveloped resorts won’t just be for tourists, Board of Supervisors Chairperson Alfredo Pedroza said. He wants to see a Lake Berryessa community area that local residents also enjoy. "We believe Sun Communities, Inc. is  the right partner for Napa County and the Berryessa community," Pedroza said. "They have the financial standing to deliver on the infrastructure investment we need to make."

The three resort sites, Steele Canyon Recreation Area, Spanish Flat Recreation area, and Monticello Shores Recreation Area (the former Rancho Monticello Resort) offer various redevelopment opportunities.

These images from Sun’s Lake Berryessa bid proposal show the range of possibilities:

1 Concept
2 Steele Canyon
4 Spanish Flat

6 Monticello Shores


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