Grandparents Day Barbecue and Senior Health Fair - Saturday, July 21, 2018

Grandparents Day Barbecue and Senior Health Fair

Saturday, July 21, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The next big event at the Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall will be a family fun day. Kids, bring your grandparents. Grandparents, bring your grandchildren.

You in-betweener parent-types are welcome too. See what you can do to control that old grandparent-grandchild dynamic! Friends, family, food, games to enjoy.

This will be an old-fashioned free summertime pot luck barbecue. Hamburgers and chicken served. You’re welcome to bring your own meat to barbecue yourself if you wish. Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Adult beverages available. Free soft drinks for kids.

The horseshoe pits will be open for you pleasure. The pool table will be ready to go. Children’s horseshoes, bean bag toss, and ring toss (adults can play too) will be set-up.

 We can use a few volunteers to help out with set-up and clean-up.

Send me your favorite photos of grandkids and family and I’ll create a special photo album on our web site. ( Below is our youngest member at our Christmas 2012 party. Crab feed family too!


35 Ideas for Interaction Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

The following 35 ideas for interaction between grandparents and grandchildren are intended to trigger even more ideas for fun, teaching opportunities, social and emotional satisfaction. Each section begins with ideas suitable for interaction with the younger upward to the older. Some are good for any and every age.



(1) Compliments on their outstanding attributes—appearance, speech etc.

(2) Commendation for deeds well done—anything from throwing the candy wrapper into the garbage bin to scoring a touchdown in little league baseball

(3) Encouragement and assistance to improve in areas in which they seem challenged

(4) Continual assurance of love in verbal expressions and hugs


(5) Stories featuring the grandchild to demonstrate his worth and his position in the family

(6) Family stories about love and loyalty as well as fights and forgiveness

(7) Bible stories—personal favorites and lessons learned from them

(8) Historical episodes about culture and customs “back in the day”

(9)Selected biographies of people who excelled in areas of interest to the grandchildren

Show and Tell

(10) Sightings of different colors and shapes around the house

(11) Family albums of members past and present

(12) Drawings, paintings, any kind of craft done by family members

(13)Fashion parade of outdated clothes and shoes

Nature Exercises

(14) A walk in the park or an a trail

(15) A visit to the zoo, identifying animals

(16) Identifying plants in the yard and neighborhood

(17) Sea shells or rocks or butterfly collection

(18) Admiring the sunrise, or sunset or a rainbow

Media Exercises

(19) Listening, singing along, talking about and dancing to wholesome song lyrics

(20) Not just watching television; but watching a movie, turning off the television and talking about it

(21) Reading together (newspaper or magazine) testing comprehension, and discussing the subject matter

(22)Learning from the grandchild—features on your cell phone or on his iPhone, how to send an email etc.


(23) A birthday message, gift or visit on the grandchild’s birthday

(24) Special messages for first day back at school

(25) Meaningful gifts after an athletic game, craft exhibition, dance or music recital

(26) Attendance at graduations—school and extracurricular classes

Long Term Projects

For the very young, anything that is not completed in a day is long term. So one or two days may be it all it takes to satisfy the concept for some.

(27) Jigsaw puzzles

(28) Board game competitions, for example, “Who will be the first to win three games?”

(29) Collectibles: postage stamps, hot dog coupons, small round rocks

(30) Planting seeds and waiting for them to grow

Long Distance Interaction

(31) Telephone calls to express love and inquire about the grandchild’s welfare

(32) Video chats on Skype or FaceTime in arranged regular meetings or sharing special occasions to match faces with voices

(33) Text messages—a teenager’s favorite way to communicate

(34) Instant Messaging on popular sites like MSN and Yahoo, or Facebook (if the teenage grandchild will befriend a grandparent)

(35) Snail Mail—the old fashioned way to express


Nobody’s Too Young Or Too Old To Enjoy 

The Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall

Here’s a quote that may usually refer to older adults. “This business of being age appropriate is ridiculous. Get out there and break the rules.” Dorrie Jacobson. 

But this goes for younger adults too. You don’t have to be a “senior” to enjoy the benefits of the Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall with your family and friends. Stop thinking that you can’t be a member and enjoy the events because you’ve got some silly idea that doing so would make you feel older than you are. These are community events for the whole family.

Senior Health and Social Services Information Will Also Be Available.

Although we live a long way from the Napa Valley we are part of Napa County. As such we are eligible for all the benefits available to older adults in Napa County. But the Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall is also interested in learning what it’s like for older adults to live in a rural area like ours. How many people over 50, over 60, over 70 actually live in our area? This will help us help them in providing information and services such as physical health services, mental health support services, transportation for medical and other needs.

Transportation to and from Napa can be a challenge for some. A simple example of filling this need is the transportation services provided my Molly’s Angels.

Their mission is to enable seniors the opportunity to remain in their homes longer, helping to maintain their independence and dignity. They provide support services and assistance to promote and improve the quality of life for individuals 60 years of age and older residing in Napa County. Molly's Angels is an alliance of dedicated Napa Valley volunteers who provide door-to-door transportation for seniors to medical and dental appointments, pharmacies, banks, and grocery stores. If we had enough local volunteers we could have a Lake Berryessa branch of Molly’s Angels sponsored by the Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall.                       © Peter Kilkus 2018