Pensus is gone for good; Reclamation is running some resorts; New bid process to take place next year.


At a three hour detailed presentation on December 10, 2012 at the Berryessa Senior Center, which included intense questioning by the audience of local residents and business owners, the Bureau of Reclamation provided their recovery plan for the lake. The bottom line is that Pensus is gone and wonÕt be back. Reclamation seems confident that their decision can withstand any legal challenge brought by Pensus.



Reclamation has committed to reopening as many resorts as possible for public recreation in 2013. Their intent is to seek out interim concession contractors who will manage the resorts while the new prospectus is being written and the competitive bid process take place. They intend to invest Reclamation funds in basic infrastructure for water, power, and restroom facilities at these resorts as an incentive to interim contractors - and claim to have redirected Reclamation budget money to these improvements.



Reclamation also claims it is committed to re-establishing the widest range of recreation opportunities possible including all form of motorized boating. They said that they will not be overly influenced by any one group, including radical environmentalists, as they sincerely seek public input for planning Lake BerryessaÕs future.



Steele Park, Spanish Flat, and Putah Creek are open now from 7 AM to 5 PM daily for FREE boat launching. Camping has been re-established at Oak Shores. Reclamation acquiesced to the overwhelming public desire to return to the historical resort names, Steele Park, Spanish Flat, Rancho Monticello, Berryessa Marina, and Putah Creek, at least until new concessioners are chosen.


Many, many details still need to be worked out, but Reclamation appears to have developed a reasonable plan to recover from the difficult situation that they themselves in large part created. Stay tuned – much more to come. Below is the formal Reclamation public statement.



Questions & Answers

Pensus Lake Berryessa Properties Contract Termination and

Future Recreation Opportunities at Lake Berryessa

December 10, 2012





Why is Reclamation terminating the Pensus contract? Weren't they just getting started with
developing the concession areas?


Reclamation and Pensus entered into a 30-year concession contract in April 2010 after Reclamation
accepted Pensus' bid and the two parties negotiated the contract terms. The contract required Pensus to
provide specific visitor services and recreation facilities according to certain standards and within
established development timelines. Pensus failed to comply with the contract terms despite repeated
efforts by Reclamation to have Pensus "cure" the deficiencies. In order to fulfill our commitment to the
public to provide quality recreation opportunities at Lake Berryessa, we took the necessary actions that
ultimately have lead to termination of the Pensus contract.


With Pensus' contract terminated, what happens to recreation at the lake?


Reclamation is committed to continuing to provide visitor services and recreation opportunities at Lake
Berryessa. We are planning for immediate government operation of several concession areas this
winter and spring. We also plan to seek out interim concession contractors in time for the summer
2013 recreation season, to assist in operating several of the recreation sites to provide similar types of
services (e.g. boat launching, day use, and camping).


Markley Cove Resort will continue to operate under the current contract until May 2013 and will offer
marina services including wet slip rentals, fueling station, launching, retail store and overnight lodging.
Reclamation is pursuing options for continued operation of Markley Cove Resort under an interim
contract after expiration of the current concession contract.


Pleasure Cove Resort will continue to operate under their long-term contract and will offer tent and RV
camping, marina services including wet slip rentals, fueling station, launching, retail store and
overnight lodging.


Reclamation is developing options to provide the same or improved levels of service and appropriate
facilities and services until new long-term concession agreements can be solicited and awarded. More
information will be provided as plans are finalized. For information updates, please visit the Lake
Berryessa website at or contact Jeff Laird, Lake Berryessa Park
Manager, at 707-966-2111 or For media inquiries, contact Louis Moore, Public
Affairs, at 916-978-5106 or


Will wet slips be available at Lupine Shores any time soon?


Reclamation intends to seek interim concession contractors willing to install wet slips and provide
some marina services; however, because of the lead time needed for environmental review and permits
to install floating structures on the lake and construct related land-based facilities, it is not likely that
wet slips will be available at Lupine Shores in 2013. These types of facilities may be available as soon
as summer 2014.


How does the contract termination affect the contract I signed with Pensus for a boat slip and
what about my down payment?


Reclamation has instructed Pensus to cancel any contracts and agreements for use of wet slips or other
services at its Lake Berryessa concession areas. Please contact Pensus directly regarding a refund of
any funds that you paid them for services not yet rendered at 707-966-9088.


How does the contract termination affect the year-long contract I signed with Pensus for dry
boat storage 6 months ago?


Reclamation immediately took over management of the concession areas when Pensus ceased its
operations at Lake Berryessa as of 3 p.m. on Sunday, December 9, 2012, including temporary
management of the dry storage area at Lupine Shores; however, except for a short transition period, we
will not be able to continue to provide dry boat storage as a service until new interim concession
contracts are in place. Pensus has been requested to contact all of its customers regarding cancellation
of existing contracts including those for dry boat storage. For further information, please contact
Pensus at 707-966-9088. If you currently have your boat in storage with Pensus at Lake Berryessa,
please contact Reclamation to find out more information on how to access or retrieve your boat.


I have heard that the existing launch ramp and paved roads at Lupine Shores can't be used

anymore starting in 2013. Is this true?


As part of a legally binding agreement with a former concession operator, the existing launch ramp and
main road can only be used for commercial purposes until early February 2013. In order to prevent an
interruption in services to the public, Reclamation is investigating options, including discussions with
the current owner of the existing launch ramp and paved main road, to allow use of those facilities
beyond February 2013.


I have camping reservations at one of the Pensus concession areas. What will happen to that


We have requested Pensus notify its customers of the cancellation of any pending camping
reservations at its Lake Berryessa concession areas. Please contact Pensus for information regarding
your future camping reservations. For 2013, camping and lodging will continue to be available by
reservation at Pleasure Cove Marina, located at 6100 Highway 128, Napa, CA 94558, 707-966-9600.
In addition, we are investigating options to make camping available at the following locations for
summer 2013: Oak Shores, North; Lupine Shores; Chaparral Cove; and Foothill Pines. More
information will be provided as plans are finalized. For information updates, please visit the Lake
Berryessa website at

http ://


Will the future concessionaire at Lupine Shores be required to pay a share of the assessment for
use of the Napa Berryessa Resort Improvement District facilities?


Reclamation will require future concessionaire/developers at Lupine Shores to comply with all laws
and regulations applicable to Lupine Shores, consistent with the previous prospectus, including
connections for water and wastewater with NRBID and payment of future assessments.




With a notice of termination, how long until Pensus leaves?


Reclamation's notice of termination required Pensus to cease operations and turn the concession areas
over to Reclamation at 3 p.m. on Sunday, December 9, 2012.


When will there be running water and regular plumbed restrooms at the concession areas?


The development of restrooms and showers is contingent upon the development of water and
wastewater infrastructure and utilities at the concession areas, and that depends upon the selection of a
long-term operator for each site. In the mean time, we are exploring the feasibility of developing some
basic utilities such as potable water and restroom facilities in advance of awarding new long-term


Where can I camp, launch, and fuel my boat, stay overnight, and enjoy day use at the lake now
and until interim contracts are awarded?


Full service campgrounds, boat launch, boat fuel, day use and overnight cabins are available for a fee
at Pleasure Cove Marina. Except for campgrounds, the same services are available for a fee at Markley
Cove Resort. Free boat launch is available at the Reclamation-operated Capell Cove boat launch. Day
use and picnicking are available free at Oak Shores, Smittle Creek, Eticuera, and Olive Orchard day
use areas. Foothill Pines, Lupine Shores, and Chaparral Cove may be available for camping by
Memorial Day weekend 2013, and a concession contractor may be able to operate the northern end of
Oak Shores as an 85-site campground as we did in 2009 and 2010. The Dufer Point Visitor Center
provides current information to visitors about all recreation opportunities at Lake Berryessa and is
located at 5520 Knoxville Road, Napa, CA 94558.


What is the story behind the trail plan I have heard about? Will the trail go all the way around
the lake? When will the trail be finished?


In fall 2012, Reclamation completed a Trail Management Plan to determine possibilities for a future
Shoreline Trail encompassing most of the federal lands around Lake Berryessa. Trail development is
contingent upon the ability to identify funding and development partners for various trail sections. This
fall and winter, we are implementing the Trail Management Plan by performing maintenance on
portions of the Smittle Creek Trail. Working with our partners, opportunities are being sought to
provide additional funding for rehabilitation of the North End Trail. A Student Conservation
Association (SCA) trail crew is currently helping with the work on the Smittle Creek Trail, and when
completed, will work on other trails at the lake.


What trails are available now?


Several trails are open to use at Lake Berryessa including the Smittle Creek Trail, a native plant trail at
the Dufer Point Visitor Center, and the North End Trail. The North End Trail is currently scheduled for
major rehabilitation and re-routing work and may be very rough or impassible in some locations.


I have ideas about how to improve recreation services at Lake Berryessa; how can I get involved
so that my voice is heard?


Reclamation is in the planning stages to establish and sponsor a forum of public agencies, with
meetings open to the public, to promote communication and collaboration in implementing the Visitor
Services Plan and addressing issues of mutual concern. Reclamation welcomes public involvement and
invites your participation in this new forum. It is anticipated that this public forum will be in place
early next year. More information will be announced as plans are finalized. For information updates,
please visit the Lake Berryessa website at or contact Jeff Laird,
Lake Berryessa Park Manager, at 707-966-2111 or


Who should I talk to if I have more questions?


For public inquiry - Contact Jeff Laird, Lake Berryessa Park Manager, at 707-966-2111 or
For media inquiry - Contact Louis Moore, Public Affairs, at 916-978-5106 or